2006年 冬

One winter morning I woke up and thought of Paradise. For the first time I wanted to photograph the ocean surrounding the island where I live.

I stood barefoot near the shore, trying to frame the ocean up with my Nikon. I realized how difficult it was to photograph the water I swim in almost every day in summer and take walks along in winter.

I decided to try out an old Russian toy-camera. What I liked about this camera was that its viewfinder is on top; every time I took a picture I had to bend at the waist as if greeting, or bowing before, my subjects. The ocean is constantly moving and changing forms. I wanted to change the way I take photographs as well.

The water's emerald hue and the sky's sugar-candy clouds, though familiar, seemed almost fake. Well, accordingly, the process with the toy camera brought to mind questions like 'Is this a "real" camera?' and 'With this plastic camera, will I be able to make "real" prints?'

I stood barefoot by the shore, feeling the white sand under my heels and the wind in my hair. I whispered, 'Ah...Paradise.'

Winter 2006