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    アートホテル石垣島 「アートブックス&フォト展」 2019年10月31日~11月25日






2019年10月 水野暁子


I have been working on the series Islanders since 2008.  In this series, I focus my lens on locals from the Yaeyama area of the southern Ryukyu island chain, and try to capture their spirit and identity by connecting to them with empathy and respect.

In this exhibition, I have intentionally alternated between photos of islanders from younger and older generations, with the younger generation looking straight at us and the older generation facing away. My intention is to have the younger generation’s gaze synchronized with that of the audience, so that both the photograph's subject and its viewer share a perspective on the island's older inhabitants. 

Each islander’s spirit and existence represents the islands themselves. I am fascinated by this, and the Islanders project is one of discovering these islands through portraiture.

Akiko Mizuno